Weight Loss Myths

Top 5 Weight Loss Myths and Facts

By Dr. Sheetal, October 27, 2017

So, you have embarked upon the journey to lose the flab and become fab. Great! Get the facts behind  Weight Loss Myths & figure out if you are on the right track. First thing’s first, you will avoid junk food, won’t you? 

But can you avoid junk on the Internet? As an aid to your weight loss journey, you will browse through several articles. You will find several tips, hacks, suggestions on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines. You will even hear more of this from your colleagues, friends or family. But one thing common to all these- they contain myths. Myths related to weight loss, fat loss and nutrition.

Dr. Sheetal Badami of Define Aesthetics is here to bust weight loss myths. In her long span of medical career, Dr. Badami has helped several patients achieve a healthy body, in the best manner possible.

Dr. Badami suggests steering clear of these weight loss myths-

Myth 1: Weight Loss is Fat Loss

Equating weight loss to Fat loss is the biggest myth of all. Fat loss is just not the same as weight loss. What’s sad is that people use these terms interchangeably!


The major difference between weight loss and fat loss is in understanding what your body is losing. While weight loss can be loss in water weight, muscle loss/degeneration or reduction in fat; or mostly a combination of all these, fat loss as the name suggest is loss in fat mass. The cumulative effect of weight loss displays a rapid loss in weight (kgs) while your inches might not show the same. Decreased immunity, poor performance and early ageing are the consequences of (only) weight loss.

Healthy way to lose weight is losing fat while gaining muscle. It will improve the body’s metabolic rate as well as the overall fitness. You will feel positive, fit and powerful with fat loss. It might take a longer time than weight loss, but fat loss is the ideal way to go. Fat occupies more space in the body. Hence, during fat loss, the results are supposed to be seen in inches, not kilos. Experience a heightened physical performance, boosted immunity, reduced risk of several diseases and delayed ageing with fat loss.

Myth 2: Only having Liquids helps with losing weight

You have heard and researched all about ‘internal cleansing’ and ‘juice detox’. But then, do they really work?

Fact: Fruit Juices contain the same amount of sugar as a fruit. But definitely less amount of fibre. Instead of making you healthier, they increase your blood sugar levels! The sugar gets deposited in your body, becoming harder for your body to break down. Fruits contain great amount of fibre. Even with the same amount of sugar, fibre makes fruits better. Additionally, your body does not get the usual supply of any natural carbs, proteins or vitamins. Finally, you put on more weight than intended!

Here’s a tip about liquids- Your post-workout drinks matter equally. If you are sipping only processed fruit juices, it’s time you ditch them. Try Green Tea. It works wonders.

Myth 3: More Sweating, More Loss

It is one of the common weight loss myths. People consider sweating to be a sign of great weight loss. It is partially true, but not the only manner to lose weight.

Fact: Excessive sweat does not certainly mean you are losing weight. Some people have a tendency to sweat more than others, doesn’t mean they are losing more weight necessarily. By the same logic, steam centers and saunas don’t work either. But it can be retained immediately after a salt-rich meal or even with a glass of alcohol.

Sweating causes only water loss. There is no fat loss whatsoever.  

Myth 4: Counting per-day Calories Helps

Yes, it does. You might have been advised to restrict your calorie intake for the day.

Fact: But what you haven’t been told is that foods with the same number of calories could harm your weight loss as well. A pastry containing 500 calories is not the same as chicken breast with 500 calories. The pastry is going to take way longer to break down compared to the chicken. It’s clearly the case of sugar versus protein.

You know better now!

Myth 5: Processed foods claim they are healthy foods

Canned, bagged and sealed foods which you consider ‘natural’ aren’t entirely made of natural ingredients. Just like packed beverages, they contain a lot of sugar.

Fact: high amounts of salts used as preservatives. Multi-grain or whole-wheat bread, low-salt foods, ready to eat or instant foods, a big NO! Natural Not every food item will tell you the truth. You are just paying a whole lot for the usual junk food! The trick is to be smart and read the labels well. Now you might be thinking what to eat to lose weight? Here is the list of 20 most weight loss friendly foods.

Think twice, eat right. Commit to be fit!

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