The weight loss dilemma!

By Dr. Sheetal, September 12, 2015

Five years of being an expert on obesity, multiple articles on healthy weight loss, hundreds of
success stories with patients and yet when I look at myself in the mirror, there is a voice which
asks “SHOULD I DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY WEIGHT?” (And believe me, I am NOT obese)

I am sure most of you must be having similar and more questions on weight and weight loss.
Having tried diets, gyms, medicines, vibrating belts and muscle stimulators with temporary or
rather not satisfactory results, we usually give up. As a certified doctor, my recipe for healthy
and targeted weight loss is a combination of healthy lifestyle, choosing the right technology and
understanding the associated medical conditions. (I mention targeted because we Indians
genetically add extra weight around the waist, hips and thighs)

Healthy weight loss consists of three things; reducing surface fat & visceral fat and improving
muscle mass. Visceral fat reduction gives benefits like reduction in risk of developing diabetes
or heart diseases, improved sugar control in diabetics, lowering of cholesterol levels. Improving
muscle mass naturally increases metabolic rate to initiate weight loss.

WHO says that 90% of illnesses can be avoided through a right diet. It is very important to follow a
healthy diet. But diet alone can only reduce fat; there is no improvement in muscle mass.

Exercise helps in improving muscle mass. WHO recommends 1 hour of daily exercise to prevent weight gain; to lose weight much more is needed.  Also exercise can’t give fat loss from targeted areas and
stubborn fat doesn’t go.

Treatments like massages, thermal blankets reduce only water weight which is temporary.
Some clinics use muscle stimulators to electrically stimulate the muscles to cause twitching.
While this may be useful to treat certain physiotherapy conditions when it comes to fat loss it’s
hardly effective. Stimulator depletes the energy stores in the muscle causing them to fatigue.
So the results are limited. Furthermore, if you lose muscle your metabolic rate drops.  This
means you burn lesser calories & you end up putting on weight eventually.

Surgeries like Liposuction reduces only the surface fat without reducing visceral fat & without
strengthening muscles hence may not always give satisfactory results.

There are many non-surgical & safe technologies available today like Ion Magnum, Ultrasonic 
lipolysis, Acoustic wave & Radio-frequency which have a scientific base. At Slim Express every
patient is assessed carefully for BMI, fat %, visceral fat, associated conditions like Hypertension,
Diabetes, Hypothyroidism with help of team of expert doctors. A multidisciplinary approach is
followed to help patients which consists of lifestyle modification, treatment of associated
conditions if required & effective use of technologies. With combination of these 1500 obese
individuals have been treated to help them satisfactorily since year 2010.

What do you think?

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