Why should you go for Skin Treatments over Facials?

Why Should You Go For Skin Treatments Over Facials?

By Define Aesthetics, August 10, 2016

Most of the women indulge in facials which is commonly believed to better our skin. There are a number of facials available, and some come with instruments. Not to mention, a good facial is quite expensive.

We commonly believe facial does wonder to our skin. It’s a myth!

Let’s see how skin treatments are different from facials. As a doctor, I can vouch for skin treatments to give you unequaled results. It’s the ultimate effective solution for many skin problems that works from inside.

What is Facial?

Facial is simply pampering your skin. It involves a step by step process of scrubbing your skin, followed by massaging with heavy creams and soothing with a face pack.

what is facial

How effective is Facial?

It’s very important to know the facts about facial. It’s a process that only works on the superficial layer of the skin and does not penetrate inside the skin. You only feel relaxed and refreshed due to massaging the face. However, the beauty parlors claim to provide you best facials for all the skin problems, it’s not true. Skin problems arise within the skin, hence any procedure that does not penetrate inside the skin cannot fix the problem.

Most of them claim to use a machine that penetrates the cream they put on your face.

Please note, creams cannot be penetrated inside skin with any machine. There are specific treatment instruments designed for the same. These machines only helps to massage your skin in an improved way, giving a better result than manual labor.

So, facials are not at all effective when it comes to fix your skin problems.

Certainly you see a glow on your face. Does it stay? Is this the best you can achieve? Let’s figure out in the next section.

What are the maintenance after Facial?

First of all facials last only for 2-3 weeks if you take proper care. You shouldn’t go out in the sun, use face washes that are not medicated, shouldn’t be wearing heavy makeup or oil your scalp.

There are so much of post-facial regime you need to follow to keep the slight glow for 2-3 weeks. This happens as facials are superficial and any tropical application of cosmetics or exposure to pollution or heat may take away the glow.

So much to pay for a few days of glow! Does it really worth it? NO!

What are the conditions that facials cannot treat?

There are so many skin problems that commonly occur and cannot be treated with tropical facials. Then what are the permanent solutions?

Scientific non-surgical skin treatment – is the ultimate answer to all skin problems!

What are skin treatments?

At many aesthetic clinics, you’ll find skin treatments in the offerings. Are they providing actual skin treatments? Read here before you get fooled by the marketing gimmick!

Skin Treatments in Pune at Define Aesthetics

Skin treatments are particularly designed by the doctors and not just skin experts. A doctor understands the medical treatments at its best. They also understand your skin problem and treat you in the right way.

At Define Aesthetics, a clinic run by the doctors provide you the best solution for all your skin problems. I hold a strong experience in aesthetic services, so do the other doctors at the clinic.

Once you consult with our doctor, they will personally asses your skin in details. After checking the health and skin conditions thoroughly, we design a particular treatment and decide on number of sessions, the patient need. 

There are many technology available at the clinic used and customized as per the patient and skin problems.

These all are scientific, nonsurgical treatments, approved by FDA. These treatments have no side effects and extremely safe for anyone.

The instruments used, penetrates deep in the skin and fixes the problem from inside diminishing the chances of recurrence.

Most importantly, you don’t need to visit the clinic in every month to restore the glow. These treatments provide you permanent results depending on your skin. If you undergo the skin treatments for once, you will be sorted for years!

What are the treatments available for skin?

Technology for skin treatments

What are the benefits of these treatments?

All could be achieved within a few sessions. No longer have you needed to visit beauty parlors months after months. At once you can get rid of all skin problems and get a beautiful glowing skin. There are no major maintenance involved after you get the treatment done. The doctor will advise you on pretreatment and post-treatment skin care regime which are extremely simple and follows a basic routine.

So many patients have been treated and carries the success story from Define Aesthetics. Their testimonials are the biggest souvenir for clinic’s credibility. The appreciation and trust we receive every day is simply marvelous.

Not many people are aware of difference between facials and skin treatments, hence they take facials as a cheaper way to get outer glow. Sum up the amount you have invested in facials for months. That’s quite much! Isn’t it?

You really don’t even need to invest lump sum amount of money for the skin treatments and still achieve far better results.

You may have different creams at home e.g. acne cream, fairness cream, under eye gel etc.

The wait is over!

Say NO to everything! Improve your skin condition. Just get the treatment done for once and enjoy naturally beautiful skin forever.

Dr. Sheetal Badami
M.B.B.S., D.A.
SCOPE Certified Obesity Physician
Director, Define Aesthetics

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