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By Define Aesthetics, December 30, 2015

“We are not saying weight loss is going to be easy

Its going to be Worth It!”

Weight loss is just not about going down in size one or two it’s also about being healthy in significant ways. Weight loss could achieve a numerous short and long term health benefits which are usually side lined or often ignored.

Who doesn’t want to improve their quality of life? We always try to find some of the other means to continuously improve everything. As we all know health is more important than wealth; our very first consideration should be improving the quality of health.

Research says 95% of obesity patients have seen significant improvement in quality of life after they lost those extra few kgs. Also weight loss gets you to 89% reduction in 5 years mortality.

Obesity comes with a few diseases along with extra fats. These diseases are often not understood because of their mild forms in the beginning. With the time and continuous weight gain these diseases turn in to a deadly form. It starts with unnoticeable physical and mental changes and leads to major symptoms later on.

According to research weight loss could help you with depression. Obsess patients have tendency to be depresses because of social surroundings as well. Weight loss alone can cure 53% of mental depression whereas you need to rely on medicines very little to get cured completely.

Pseudotumor cerebri, a deadly disease occurs with obesity and develops symptoms only at the later stage of the disease cycle. You can always avoid the risk of reaching malignant phase by 56% only with losing weight on time. Have you ever noticed consistent high blood pressure? Although high blood pressure could be caused by a lot of things; obesity is one of the prime reasons of high BP. Weight loss treatment can reduce 52% of high blood pressure. Indigestions, unwillingness to have foods, acidity, gas problems all are metabolic syndromes which are often caused at young ages as well. We see lot of these problems in obsesses people including children. We do rely on medicines for quite long time which gives short time relieves but doesn’t really cure the metabolic problems. Here weight loss alone could reduce 80% of these problems.

Diabetes, another commonly occurred disease amongst people often don’t understand it doesn’t really caused by high sugar intakes but caused by unhealthy lifestyle. It’s the reason that diabetes is also occurred in youngsters. Diabetes also has various forms. Type II diabetes mellitus could be cured up to 63% with weight loss and healthy eating habits.

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is an increasing disease amongst women of all ages till 40years. Unhealthy lifestyle again is one of the main reasons to develop PCOD and weight loss is the major reason to get rid of it. Weight loss could fetch you 79% cure from PCOD. Knee pains and joint diseases are existent amongst all obese patients. While joint pains and bone diseases are a slow process for getting cured completely weight loss could help to reduce 41% of it. Gout could be cured up to 71% via weight loss. Although a strict medical regime is needed for a complete rid.

Let’s come to the second phase of the diseases.

Migrane a commonly occurred headache related disease which doesn’t need any introduction as most of the people including youngsters have this problem now a days. Migraine could be mild or severe depending on the lifestyle and age. You can still reduce 41% of Migraine problems through weight loss. Sleeping disorders especially obstructive sleep apnea could be reduced to 74% by  weight loss treatment. These are the regular side effects of obesity which could be cured to a great extent by weight loss treatments.

Heart diseases are another major occurrence amongst obese people. Due to high intake on oil and junks heart malfunctioning including cardiovascular diseases take place amongst people. These have early symptoms hence you could avoid it at primary stage and reduce the chances of getting cardiovascular disease by 82% just losing that extra fat. You can also reduce the occurrence of severe diseases like asthma and GERID by 72% and 82% respectively.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases could be reduced at its extreme by 90% only if you have a check on your weight. Diseases like stress urinary incontinence and venous stasis disease could be reduced to 44% and 95% respectively by simple weight loss.

Overall we have showed you the reasons and occurrence of a few deadly diseases which can be avoided or cured just by a proper weight loss treatment. Define Aesthetics helps you to not only keep in shape but also checks for proper diagnosis of all these diseases which could be cured by weight loss treatments. As deadliest the diseases sound as strongest the treatments are. Weight loss or getting rid of obesity is not a single process common for all. We have experienced and expertized doctors who takes you through customized process for each patients. We also takes care of patient’s medical history before proceeding with any treatment. Our goal is just not making you lose weight. Our goal is to make you fit and healthy forever. Its never too late to start paying attentions to your body. You shouldn’t be waiting to move to obese stage from fat stage to start a treatment. Get yourself checked even if you have a little extra fat than you should be having. Define Aesthetics is there to take care of you always!

Dr. Sheetal Badami
M.B.B.S., D.A.
SCOPE Certified Obesity Physician
Director, Define Aesthetics

Obesity Infographics By Define Aesthetics

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