No Injections, No Cuts… Yet a Face Lift!

By Dr. Sheetal, September 12, 2015

Wondered any time how a certain Hollywood celebrity suddenly looked very young in her new movie? Gone are the days when a young and vibrant face was a domain of celebrities alone. In today’s world where first impression is the last impression, we all need to have a presentable face.

Right from ancient mud applications to today’s Botulinum toxin, fillers and surgeries man has explored all the depths in his quest of defying age. These treatments reduce wrinkles and make your face look better maintained but you still look your age. We need to understand that beauty and youth are ‘gestalts’. Gestalt means what emerges is more than the sum total of the parts that compose it. That’s why an asymmetrical face can look beautiful or a young girl with wrinkles or dark circles still unmistakably looks young.

Beauty and youth are both result of dynamic cellular communications emerging out of interactions between neurones, cells and proteins within them. Body has endogenous mechanisms to repair itself and sustain youth. But the signals that control these mechanisms fade away and so does youth. What if we could decode these signals and use them to our advantage?  Comes to rescue, Nobel Prize winner and co-inventor of cardiac pacemaker ‘Gerry Pollock’. Further research on this technology led to production of ‘Pure Analog Multisine Waveform signal’ that syncs with body’s endogenous signals. This acts as a communication diplomat to awaken the processes that have diminished with aging. What you get is an instant face lift, wrinkles diminish, acne and scars fade. With repeated treatments the aging process is significantly reversed.


                         Before                                                                          After

Well not only this, with the other application of same technology we can really kick-start super-fast muscle building & selectively burn thousands of calories worth fat in just an hour. This result is comparable to what 11 hrs. of non-stop gym workout will give .No wonder someone came with 8 packs & rock-hard physique in just couple of months for the new movie.

It is time we realise that these treatments are for every common Indian and not just a domain of select Hollywood celebrities any more.

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