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Lose weight the right way

By Define Aesthetics, June 8, 2016

I eat less than my friends and I still put on weight … “Have you checked your metabolism?”

I do everything, diet, exercise and still can’t lose… “Are you Insulin Resistant?”

I suddenly gained excess weight…. “Do you have HYPOTHYROIDISM?”


Obesity is related to many medical or genetic conditions like Hypothyroidism, hormonal disturbances, pre-diabetes (Insulin resistance) even certain medications. Weight loss can directly or indirectly be related to the reason of weight gain. Expert opinion on understanding your physiology can help achieve required results.

Sometimes we don’t understand that there is a problem with our body. We follow regular routines of eating and lifestyle and still put on weight. Without understanding the cause of obesity, we jump to solution and start working out at a gym or dieting. Whereas the problem lies somewhere else.


There are two types of fats in our body. One is subcutaneous fat found directly under the skin. It’s the fat that can be pinched & felt. Then there is Visceral or “deep” fat. It wraps around the inner organs (stomach, liver, intestines etc.) and increases risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Types Of Fateven dementia. While losing weight both these types need to be addressed.

Most of the clinics or treatments approach the fat i.e. directly under the skin and not in the deeper layer of our body. Also, most of them do not aid muscle gain. They only concentrate on fat loss which ultimately proves to be ineffective. Sometimes a wrong treatment may get you sagging skin.

Major side effects of weight loss surgeries involve diseases developed inside the body. It can be nausea, migraine, muscle loss, stamina loss etc. While dieting without a help of a nutritionist may fetch health issues as you run low on nutrients.


At Define Aesthetics every patient is assessed by our expert team of doctors for BMI, fat %, visceral fat, associated medical conditions and a customized treatment plan is designed consisting of lifestyle modification, treatment of associated conditions if required & effective use of technologies. Your entire treatment is monitored by doctors making sure you achieve your goals.


Today we have non-surgical & effective technologies like Ion Magnum, High Focused Ultrasound, and Detoxification & Acoustic Wave. These are non-surgical & safe technologies. Combination of these helps to reduce both subcutaneous & visceral fat, removes toxins & improves muscle mass. This naturally increases metabolic rate which further initiates weight loss.

Ion Magnum for obesity treatment

Recently, Vikram approached Define Aesthetics for weight loss treatments on reference. He is 36 yrs old and it’s generally easier to get rid of fat than the ones who are in their 40 yrs. He has a professional life as well. Due to recent weight gain, the stamina was lost. With a busy work life like Vikram’s or any others for that matter, it becomes important to keep the body active. Once you get lethargic due to extra weight, if affects your personal and professional life.

Facing so many problems, he decided to hit the gym and start dieting. In general the trainer or the nutritionist will give you a time-frame of 4 months. Although he tried very hard, he didn’t get visible results from dieting and exercising. Another major issue he had was bulged out tummy. Now, both diet and gym couldn’t get him a reduced belly. At office, we generally have seating habit in a chair for a minimum of 9 hours. This effects our metabolism and overall fat deposition in the body, resulting in to growing tummy.

When our expert doctor met Vikram, he was in ‘obese’ category carrying most of the weight around the belly. He was extremely low on stamina. He started with his sessions at the clinic which didn’t involve regular

visits. We assessed him thoroughly along with checking medical history. After all the detailed assessment, we started with his treatments. Although he needed to visit us only during the sessions, one of the treatment expert kept him under close observation, checking regular update in his health conditions. Within a few sessions he started noticing visible results. Most importantly, he didn’t face any side effects unlike other methods of weight loss. He was extremely happy at the end of the treatment with his final self.

He looked like he has reversed his age by 10 years.

He felt he got the younger self back. His stamina was built up along with muscle gain. The physical activities that he couldn’t even think of, became easier for him to perform. He loves running. Unbelievably, he could finish 15 km marathon with his new body.

Let’s read Vikram’s word and what he has to say about this life changing experience.

Vikram Patil shares his testimonials on how he lost weight using Ion magnum treatment

VIKRAM PATIL, 36 years old from Pimpri, Pune

I had put on lot of weight recently & it was affecting my stamina. I tried working out at a gym, diet but wasn’t getting satisfactory results. At define aesthetics in 2 months I lost 9 kgs weight & 10 inches fat off my tummy. I can now run up to 15kms. I get compliments from my colleagues & family members; I can again fit into my 11 years old clothes.



  1. Shradha says:


    I want to lose about 15 Kgs. But mainly want to know how expensive it is. At this point of time can’t afford very expensive treatments

    • Define Aesthetics says:

      Hi Shradha, Thanks for writing to us. Someone from our expert team will contact you for all the details. The representative will guide you to the complete procedure details and cost. The treatments are extremely pocket friendly & also you can enjoy the free consultation by registering at defineaesthetics.com

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