How to lose stubborn fat

Tried Everything? Now Get Rid Of The Stubborn Belly Fat!

By Define Aesthetics, November 4, 2016

“No matter what I do the scale is not moving”; “I do workout every day but this tummy fat is still here!”Sounds familiar? Most of us have experienced this at some point. I am practicing as an obesity expert since 6 years &I meet so many people who tell me; doctor I have tried diet, gym even some machine treatments but no use. This is because many times people have genetic or medical reasons which lead to obesity. Hypothyroidism, hormonal disturbances, pre-diabetes, certain medications or just low metabolism are a few culprits. Unless the underlying reason is treated weight loss seems like an impossible task to achieve.

Another common complaint that people have is difficulty losing fat from a specific area. The fact is that all fat in our body is not the same. There is white fat, brown fat, surface fat, visceral or internal fat& cellulite. One needs to understand the type of fat in a particular area before trying to tackle it. Seems challenging right…. well that’s when a doctors role comes in. Treating obesity is a multidisciplinary approach. Every patient has to be assessed for BMI, fat %, visceral fat, associated medical conditions and an effective weight loss plan can be designed.


There are many patients suffering from obesity and taking different preventive measures for years. Nothing really comes to save them. So, why does diet and gym often fails to provide effective and visible results?

It’s important to understand every body type needs relevant exercise or diet plan.

People often fail to understand that dieting doesn’t mean starving. A mature man and woman need 1800 and 1200 cal/day as a minimum calorie intake. Anything lesser than this may cause severe nutrient deficiency resulting in to vomiting, acidity, headache, stamina-loss, poor eyesight, skin diseases, hair-loss etc.

Also, if you want to lose weight from particular desired places like, thighs or arms; diet wouldn’t aid to that. Diet work overall. While, dieting you must keep in mind that certain foods are not compatible with your metabolism. You may find a number of alternatives available online but chances of preservative contents are quite high in them.


Diet needs to be such that burns the fat. Most of the obesity patients have stubborn fat which are not easy to get rid of even with particular diet. Diet do not burn the fat as such. When, the usual calorie intake gets low, the fat stored in body burns itself to produce calorie that keeps the metabolism and other body activities active.

Let’s concentrate on exercise. Exercise or working out at a gym believes to be one of the best ways to lose weight. But wait! It has its own side effects. Working out vigorously, may harm your health. The risks involves muscle injury, fatigue, muscle pull, dehydration and migraine in some cases. There’s a limit your body can take. There’s a limit of age as well that your body can take. As we grow old, our body responds more slowly to exercises or diet. In a way, it reduces the speed of weight loss, moreover it doesn’t aid to effective and visible weight loss. For women, you need to be extremely careful while choosing a right exercise to lose weight. Gym is great to build stamina. Not always, it gives you desired result.

How to lose stubborn belly fat

If you have diet and gym in to consideration, you may also understand it’s not a day’s affair. It takes months and years to achieve effective results through diet and gym depending on how much weight you desire to lose.  The time-frame is very tricky. You also need to be stringent with your disciplines. There’s no way out once you start this. A combination of diet and exercise is needed to lose weight. No matter, how much hard it is for you, the regularity needs to be maintained.

At Define Aesthetics our expert team of doctors analyse & plan a customized treatment for you consisting of lifestyle modification, treatment of associated conditions if required & effective use of technologies. Also they monitor your entire treatment making sure you achieve your goals. This is done with effective use of technologies like Ion Magnum,High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU),and Detoxification&Acoustic Wave. These are non-surgical & safe technologies. Combination of these helps to reduce both subcutaneous & visceral fat, removes toxins & improves metabolism by increasing muscle mass.

Stubborn fat reduction tips

Vinod, a 46 year old working professional approached us for weight loss. Like other working professional he had a tight schedule. He has been suffering from obesity issues for long. 6-7 years earlier he decided to get rid of it and tried working out and cutting down calorie intake. But nothing worked for him. He wasn’t sure why he is not able to lose weight. He even tried his hands on dieting. That too didn’t result into anything. Along with obesity, he had maximum fat stored in his belly areas which was bulging out day by day. Sweating did make him lose some weight but it wasn’t visible physically. All the more due to tight schedule and a professional work life he had to eat healthy to keep his stamina on.

After failing for long he finally decided to consult with obesity clinic and reach us for our non-surgical treatments. He was in dubious mind as 7 years of long trial disappointed him and made him lose faith in a healthy and fit body.

As we examined him thoroughly, our expert doctors suggested right non-surgical fat reduction treatment for him. Soon, he started with the treatments. We kept him under close observation while he just needed to visit our clinic for sessions. There was no major diet rule except you should eat healthy. The whole treatment was planned for 3 months. In a few sessions he started noticing the changes in his body. The belief in weight loss was regained.Our doctors successfully treated him for 3 months and made him lose weight. Not only overall weight loss, he was also able to lose his tummy and it was measured in inches. Such an amazing transformation.

He was extremely happy that his professional life wasn’t hampered at all. He didn’t need to spend those long hours at gym which he could have spent with his family. He also didn’t experience any side effects unlike he got from working out at gym. Tiredness and fatigue was quite usual. Now, he is the happiest man with a perfect work-life balance.

Read what he has to say about his life changing experience.

Vinod Kalotra, 46 year old from Pimpri says,

I had been struggling with my weight issues since 6-7 years. I had tried gym, dieting but no use. At Define aesthetics; in 3 months the results have been remarkable. I lost almost 15 inches off my tummy, my fat% reduced by 10. My clothes fit better & I have re-gained my confidence.


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    I really loved your blog and the details you provided. Its like package for fitness freak like me. By these daily work outs I’m able to loss some my belly fat, thankful to you for providing this information

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