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By Dr. Sheetal, September 12, 2015

When it comes to losing weight we get various advises like weight is not important; you need to lose fat or you should gain muscle mass & weight loss will happen automatically. At the end we don’t know what to gain & what to lose. Let us understand today about our body & fat.

There are two types of fats in our body. One is subcutaneous fat found directly under the skin. It’s the fat that can be pinched & felt. Then there is Visceral or “deep” fat. It wraps around the inner organs (stomach, liver, intestines etc.) and spells trouble for your health. Visceral fat increases your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even dementia. The circumference of the waist is used as a simple measure to know the amount of visceral fat a person has. As per WHO (World Health Organization) waist circumference should be below 90cm (36 inches) in men & 80cm (32 inches) in women.

Another type that is seen on buttocks & thighs in women is Cellulite. In this the skin has areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. A quick way to tell if you have cellulite is the pinch test: Use your index finger and your thumb and pinch the skin and look for dimpling.

We Indians are genetically different from westerners & have higher fat percentage for same weight. Indian Maternal Nutrition study has shown that Indian babies have lower birth weight compared to babies born in United Kingdom; but higher fat percentage. The western standards of BMI (body mass index) have limitations when applied to Indian population. Rapid urbanisation & industrialisation has resulted in less of physical activity in today’s youth and this combined with genetics has led to the growing problem of obesity. No wonder we see diabetes & heart disease affecting us a decade early.

Any solution to this problem needs to have an overall approach. We need to show ‘junk food ‘ the junk box; burn the excess fat stores & exercise regularly to develop good musculature. Now how does today’s generation accomplish this Herculean task with so less available time?

A technology that can achieve rapid fat burning mimicking several hours of gym workout that too effortless & can give superfast muscle building without any soreness seemed like a dream a few years ago. Noble winning Gerry Pollock has transformed this dream into reality with invention of Ion Magnum & at Slim Express located in Fatima Nagar you can live this dream.

Ion Magnum was initially developed for multiple sclerosis treatment; it also showed amazing results for fat loss & muscle building & is one of the best non-invasive tools to combat obesity today. A single painless session of Ion Magnum can burn up to 5000 Kcal in an hour & takes our body straight to the fat-burning phase. Most importantly Ion Magnum can address visceral fat; which is the most dangerous form of fat associated with type-2 Diabetes & Heart disease. You can achieve good reduction from areas like tummy, hips, and thighs due to fat loss & good contouring due to muscle development simultaneously. Liposuction reduces only surface fat & may not give desired results to all. All those who desire fast muscular development; let it be an athlete or a body builder or a person having back pain due to weak core muscles or knee pain due to weak muscles are benefited immensely with this technology.

A healthy physique yes; but youthful, glowing face as well? Youth & beauty are both Gestalts & they mean wholeness which is beyond absence of wrinkles, pigmentation or scarring. Same Gerry Pollock brings to you Perfector, based on Nano technology which restores beauty & youth as a whole to give you a non-invasive face lift. It builds collagen & within minutes wrinkles disappear, improve skin texture, lightens skin colour & fades scars. Unlike botulinum toxin or fillers which address only the wrinkles to give you a well maintained face but you still look your age, this nano technology actually restore youth & beauty with lasting results.

Our genetics & lifestyle have made us vulnerable to adiposity & early aging. Genetics we salute, lifestyle demands urgent attention & for those wanting to jump start to health, there is Ion Magnum & Perfector.

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