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Effective Non Surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

By Define Aesthetics, August 17, 2016

Non-surgical fat reduction is a procedure that uses specialized equipment to create a controlled injury to small volumes of fat. Currently, there are two types of devices used for nonsurgical fat removal: ultrasound and Ion magnum. Both allow outpatient treatment resulting in efficient and consistent fat reduction as well as enhanced body contour.

When to Consider Non-surgical Fat Reduction:

  • If you are struggling with pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise programs.
  • If you have undesirable but limited fat deposits on your abdomen, flanks, back or thighs.
  • If you wish to achieve a trimmer appearance without having to undergo surgery.

This are the Considerations:

Pros and Cons of Non-surgical Weight Loss Treatments


  • Effective in diminishing stubborn areas of unwanted body fat.
  • Outpatient treatment with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort.
  • No incision required.


  • Multiple treatment sessions may be needed to produce satisfactory results.
  • Small burns are extremely rare but have been noted with ultrasound devices.
  • Temporary redness and numbness may occur.

If you are in good general health and have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for this procedure.

Detailed Procedural Information at Define Aesthetics:


Think about ultrasound energy like sunlight. A magnifying glass can focus sunlight to ignite paper. Above and below the point of focus, paper does not burn. In a similar manner, by focusing ultrasound energy, only fat near the focus point is injured. Your skin (above the focus point) and tissue (below the focus point) are protected. Your body then slowly absorbs the damaged fat. One or more treatments may be needed.

It is a revolutionary advancement in non invasive body contouring and body fat reduction treatments. It’s not liposuction and it’s not surgery. Ultrasound offers the ability to reduce the prominence of body fat in areas that may be resistant to diet and exercise. The advantages of fat reduction with Ultrasound include: non-invasive (no surgery) single treatment results, minimal downtime, no anesthesia and minimal discomfort. Ideal candidates are close to their goal weight with minimal loose skin.

How does non invasive fat reduction work with Ultrasound? It utilizes high-intensity focused ultrasound to destroy fat tissue in the abdomen, flanks (hip area), and other “problem” areas. Energy is focused in the subcutaneous fat and creates a rapid rise in the temperature of the targeted area, leading to cell death. The fat treated is then absorbed without an impact on blood lipid levels. There is also a secondary benefit to the temperature increase—it heats collagen, causing contracture of tissue, which can help prevent tissue laxity (loose skin) post treatment.


What is Ion Magnum?

When we exercise our brain sends signals to the corresponding muscles. Ion Magnum mimics these signals so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout. In return what you get is the benefits of an intense, professional workout minus the pain, physical exertion or inconvenience of conventional exercise.Non Surgical weight loss Treatment with no side effects

How does it work?

The Ion Magnum uses micro-current frequency to contract the muscles in the body, simulating normal exercise.

When will I see results?

Results are visible after just one 25-minute treatment. Most patients lose 2-3 inches per session.Ion Magnum is an excellent method to add to your current fitness regime to maximize strength and enhance physical performance.

Is Ion magnum right for me?

Ion Magnum treatments are ideal for people that either cannot or dislike regular exercise. Injuries often prevent people from maintaining active lifestyles. Many people lack the time necessary to adequately workout on a regular, consistent basis.

What can I expect during Ion Magnum treatments?

Each session is approximately 45- 60 minutes in duration. Patients must remove outer clothing so that the arms, legs and abdominal are exposed. While lying comfortably on a treatment bed, padding is strapped to specific target zones of the body.

What are the benefits of Ion Magnum?

  • Highly intensive, compact workout: one session equates to hours of conventional exercise.
  • Builds strong muscles and improves muscle tone and core strength.
  • Sculpts lean, slender and athletic body contours.
  • Able to spot train trouble areas that cannot be conquered with standard exercise.
  • Decreases overall body fat.
  • Boosts immunity, metabolism, stamina and the body’s detoxification process.
  • Less pressure and stress on the skeletal joints than traditional exercise.
  • Jumpstart your personal exercise or injury rehabilitation plan.

Dr. Tejal Ranka
Obesity & Cosmetology Consultant,
Center Head, Define Aesthetics

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  1. Sarosh Bokdawalla says:

    I am a retired male senior citizen 63 complete years, my weight is around 90+kgs and height 5ft.7inch approx. My Questions are.
    1. Is it safe for seniors.
    2. Can the treatment on abdomen be taken in a sitting position also as i tend to get anxiety worries in such conditions.
    3. Is a medical doctor present. My BP is 150/90 and not Diabetic.
    4. I am a Non Vegetarian by habit but do eat Veg once a day.
    5. I wish to maintain my weight around 70 – 75 kgs.
    6. My weight gain is due to stress of having a neurologically challenged girl child and also inherited from genetic parents.

    Please answer to the points.

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