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By Define Aesthetics, May 25, 2016

Recently held at Royal Connaught Boat Club, the Synergy Meet of four group companies Niche, Anjani, Inlead and Define Aesthetics was a great success. There was an overwhelming response from the attendees. The employees and leaders exchanged knowledge and motivated each other contributing to further achievements.

Dr. Sheetal Badami, pioneer of Define Aesthetics was also one of the lead speakers at Synergy Meet. Dr. Sheetal delivered an amazing speech addressing the crowd. It was a great knowledge sharing experience.

Going back to the dates, it has been 6 years since Define Aesthetics, a specialty clinic was established by Dr. Sheetal along with other reputed doctors. It’s one of the most reputed clinics in Pune who treats obesity and skin related problems. The exclusivity remains with the expertise of the doctors and world-class global technology they use. All are non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that are safe and has no side effects.

The success story continued. Currently, Define has 3 prime branches in the town, helping patients to live a healthier life.

Till date, over 2000 patients have been facilitated from Define as treated successfully. Some stories are even covered by the renowned newspapers.


At her speech Dr. Sheetal took the audience back to the starting years of Define and explained how the brand became a choice for everyone in this cut-throat competition. The most important factor that played a major role to create Define Aesthetics a brand was ‘credibility’. The USP of the brand is not only the experience and expertise of the doctors, but also how they take care of the patients. While, technology is available with many, care is a rare virtue. At Define each and every patient is carefully treated. They are thoroughly checked along with their medical history before suggesting a treatment. The patients are given realistic expectations on the time-frame e.g. unlike others who claim to treat obesity in a month or so. Everything has a scientific explanation and our body must adapt to healthy weight loss. Success in life has no short-cut!

The employees and staffs of Define, present at Synergy Meet were heavily appreciated for their outstanding contribution to make the brand so successful.

Dr. Sheetal also elaborated on the vision & mission of the company.

The vision:

Is to become a unique brand in Obesity management & Aesthetic treatments with use of world class technology combined with best medical expertise.

The mission:

Would give its client Best value, best treatment and the best available service in the field. Honesty towards our clients and our technology would be the pillar on which we would stand & grow.

Let us also get familiar with the visionary Dr. Sheetal Badami.

Synergy Meet attended by Define Aesthetics

She is an Aesthetic Physician & Obesity Consultant. She did her graduation and post-graduation from the University of Mumbai. She is a Gold medalist in M.B.B.S. and consecutively topped Grant Medical College in Anesthesiology in 2004. She has also done Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education from IASO(international association for the study of obesity) She is the first and one of the few doctors in India to have been trained in Ion Magnum, I-ELLIOS & HIFU-2 with Lipolaser combination & Nano Perfector.

She has always been passionate about being healthy and fit all through her life. The passion chased a dream of making our society healthier. She believed, treating obesity is just not for the sake of making an outer appearance better, but also for the sake of diminishing the risk of life threatening diseases. There are many life threatening diseases associated with obesity that we are unaware of.

Being a doctor, Sheetal has a fair understanding about human anatomy and how the weight loss procedure functions. Before establishing the clinic, she was suffering from obesity. She was on the obese side and decided to lose the fat. With the immense medical knowledge she has, the research was made easy. She thoroughly checked all the obesity treatments available, both surgical and non-surgical. Her medical knowledge permits her to distinguish safe and effective procedures from unsafe ones. She decided to go for non-surgical weight loss treatments as these are the best and safest procedures available. After in depth study she came across with ION MAGNUM-non-surgical treatments. This is global technology is used in many countries for weight loss treatments including celebs.

The Ion Magnum technology, developed at the University of London, by Dr. Gerry Pollock has been enjoyed primarily by Hollywood celebrities for a long time. It has been widely coveted as it offers the ultimate body sculpting and muscle building experience. In simple words, what got her convinced was the two fold approach, Fat reduction while building muscle mass. She was confident to establish a clinic run by doctors and medical expertise to use these technologies to treat the obese patients. It has been extremely successful and with the popularity she opened another 2 branches in Pune offering weight loss and aesthetic services.
Dr Sheetal badami talks about the journey of Defien AestheticsDr. Sheetal didn’t stop dreaming. Obesity treatment and the clinic was just a start. There is a long path to go. With the motivation and success rates of her obesity treatments, she ventured in to aesthetic services which primarily involves skin. Skin is an extremely neglected part of our body. We may be applying a lot of creams/ ointments/ medicines available commercially. Sometimes we even fall for the marketing gimmick of the brands. Does it really help?

How long are you using certain stuffs to treat your wrinkle, acne or dark spots? You hardly see any difference. The basic reason is that the problems arise from within the skin and not on the skin. The effects are visible on the skin but cannot be treated tropically. To cure the problematic skin condition you need to approach the layer deep down. The commercial brands available are only for tropical use. How much ever they advertise, it does not penetrate the deeper layer, hence the condition is not treated.

As the whole Define team and Dr. Sheetal herself believes that “You Deserve The Best” she introduced skin care treatments and expanded the business.

She introduced next generation NANO PERFECTOR, which is safe and FDA approved treatment. NANO-PERFECTOR is a thorough anti-aging technology that goes beyond puffy eyes, wrinkles and pigmentation to restore absolute beauty. With a combination of these technologies offered by Define Aesthetics, you can enjoy a perfect blend of a slim, well contoured body along with radiant skin that speaks for itself.

There is no age bar to look beautiful and feel beautiful. At Define, they truly care for each and every patient to make them healthier and look more beautiful.

With the expanded business, Define Aesthetics became one of the most appreciated clinics in Pune. The popularity and credibility lies in the word of mouth. There are so many happy customers who reviewed Define Aesthetics as the best clinic for obesity treatment and aesthetic services.

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