Dark Circles Treatment

Advanced Dark Circle Treatments & Home Remedies that work

By Dr. Sheetal, September 6, 2017

Dark circles are the worst. They cause a ‘dark’ effect on our lives too. One look in the mirror and the happy mood turns sour. People start asking questions, ‘Why do you look so stressed all the time?’ No matter how much we try, our photos don’t show our smiling and radiant face. Define Aesthetics is here to help you with all these questions related to Dark Circle Treatments.

Let’s see what are the common causes of Dark Circles!

A common misconception is that dark circles are caused only by lack of sleep and fatigue. While this is partially true, there are several other significant factors as well.

  • Dark circles appearing frequently on the face can be tracked down to your genes.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, also result into dark circles.
  • When the under eye skin, starts becoming thinner, dark circles start becoming visible. If you aren’t using a good sun block or moisturizer for your skin, it could lead to a frowned face, full of dark circles.
  • Some cosmetic products can also cause allergies, in turn causing dark circles. If you frequently rub or scratch the skin around your eye, this can cause dark circles too.
  • Dietary abnormalities and deficiencies of iron, folate and vitamin B12 generally result in causing dark circles.
  • People in India, tend not to pay attention towards their health, which culminates into adverse effects on the body. Hence, India stands low on the list of nations dealing with problems arising out of iron deficiency.

If you are looking for ways to treat dark circles or reduce them, Define Aesthetics will help you; with home remedies and skin care treatments as well.

5 Home remedies for dark circles:

  • Black tea bags are the most favored. Place them on your eyes for a while and then rinse off your face.
  • Placing cucumber/potato/tomato slices over eyes and relaxing for 10 minutes works well.
  • A cotton pad, dipped in rose water when used on the eyes for 10 minutes, works wonders!
  • You can even dab some almond oil below your eyes, leave it overnight and rinse your face with cold water in the morning, to reduce dark circles.
  • Even this works well- 1. One teaspoon of tomato juice 2. One teaspoon of lemon juice 3. Mix them and apply 4. Leave for 10 min and wash off.

Dark Circles Treatment

Home remedies have proven to be effective, but their effects generally don’t last long. Best treatments are the ones which give results and stay for a long period of time. For such skin treatments, there’s Define Aesthetics. Our Dark Circle Treatments are – Gel peels and Nano-perfector. They are 100% safe and conducted under expert Doctors’ supervision.

Dark Circle Treatments at Define Aesthetics:

  • Chemical Gel Peels are specially formulated and highly recommended for the sensitive skin around eyes. They soothe the skin whilst removing the dark circles.
  • Nano Perfector is a technology safe, secure and backed up by several success stories. It delivers low-frequency micro currents to heal, and regenerate tissue offering both a corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment. The electrons discharged during the treatment neutralize the free radicals in the skin and form an antioxidant defense against future free radical damage.
  • Thus, the Nano Perfector detoxfies and removes the accumulated toxins, thereby diminishing dark circles.

Treating dark circles is a good way to prevent them for re-appearing. There are several other ways too.

Let’s see how can we prevent dark circles-

  • Reduce alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Minimum 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Consume food rich in iron and vitamin C
  • You should also use moisturizer the area under eyes, with a good product, to protect you from the harsh effects of UV rays
  • Select a cream/moisturizer containing vitamin C, E and K in the ingredients

Follow a healthy diet, with brisk walking or at least some form of exercise.

You will always find yourself with a healthy and radiant skin!

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