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A Name To Trust!

By Define Aesthetics, February 25, 2016

Define Aesthetics is a benchmark clinic started by Dr. Sheetal Badami. The clinic is a pioneer in many technologies and medical advancements. With a perfect blend of slimming, body contouring & an ultimate body building experience we at Define Aesthetics also ensure that you get that radiant face and lose all those puffy eyes, wrinkles and unwanted hair. Moreover many of these results are permanent without any strict diet or exercise.

What does it take to trust a clinic?

It’s always about the doctor who brings the ultimate value and trust factor to the patients. One needs to be absolutely sure about the treatments before pursuing them. At Define Aesthetics, the doctors have years of medical expertise. Dr. Sheetal is an Aesthetic Physician & Obesity Consultant. The visionary doctor has every awards and accolades in her kitty when it comes to medical expertise. She is the one to introduce the exclusive ION-MAGNUM technology to India, for the first time at her clinic. There are limited doctors worldwide who has such experience in medical technologies. Everything she introduced at her clinic are FDA Certified treatments. There is no base of arguments when it comes to patient’s health.

With such plethora of knowledge, Define Aesthetics offers customized medical consultancy and treatments to each and every patient. The clinic is a testimony of all successful weight loss and skin treatment stories who started their journey at Define Aesthetics.

In these six long years from 2010 to 2016, the values and quality of the services have been trustworthy and revolutionary with the medical advancements. Dr. Sheetal, has always been upfront to introduce the best and effective treatments at the clinic. It has always fulfilled its promises. Lot of times, the customers are confused to choose an option for their treatments. Different clinics offer variety of services. Whom should you go for? The answer lies only with the experience and credibility. A doctor with such high credibility is the one to be trusted.

Let’s have a look at Dr. Sheetal’s achievements:

Dr. Sheetal at Health Press ConferenceShe has done her graduation & post-graduation from University of Mumbai. Awarded a Gold medal in M.B.B.S. by University of Mumbai in year 2000 and consecutively topped Grant Medical College in her speciality in 2004. She has also done Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education from IASO (international association for the study of obesity)

The first and only doctor in India to have been trained in ION MAGNUM, I-ELLIOS & HIFU-2 + Lipolaser combination.

Trained intensively by the Elite in the field of obesity & cosmetology our doctor has a belief that everyone desirous of healthy slimming has right to it & it is with the same mission Define Aesthetics Obesity Clinics are established.

Qualifications & Accolades

  • Trained & certified for use of High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound with Lipolaser from France
  • Trained & certified for use of Ion Magnum technology from London University
  • Trained & certified for use of nano-perfector technology for non-surgical face lift from USA
  • Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education from IASO(international association for the study of obesity)
  • Member of AIAARO( All India association for Advancing Research in Obesity)
  • International membership of WOSIAM (World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging medicine)
  • Member of World Anti-aging Network

It doesn’t end here. She has been consistently working on the betterment of technologies and introduce whatever is effective. At her clinic, the vision to build a healthy society is lived every day. Nothing is compromised when it comes to a patient. Today, the clinic is a prominent one and growing its branches in Pune to serve more people. Dr. Sheetal especially, has been covered by media couple of times for her extraordinary contributions.

“The best doctor is the one who treats the patient, just not the disease”-By all heart and means, the motto is followed at Define Aesthetics.

So, what inspired Dr. Sheetal to bring revolutionary Ion-Magnum technology to India? Hear it from her!

“I have been a fitness freak all my life. Right from concentrating on a healthy diet to regular workouts, I do everything that my schedule permits. However, I also have a tendency to put on weight easily. A little bit of carelessness with my lifestyle and the effects SHOW on my body. Trust me, it is not easy to stay on a diet 24/7 for 365 days of a year. Moreover, after my pregnancy I put on extra pounds and was finding it tough to lose the post-delivery fat.

Being a doctor, I had a fair understanding on Human anatomy and that helped me with my research. I read a lot on available weight loss solutions and the reviews of disgruntled patients who spent tons of money on muscle stimulators, thermal blankets, Steam belts and even oral medications to lose weight. Some techniques had temporary effect on a percentage of people but I still did not find the right technology to help me get rid of targeted fat around my thighs and hips. I started my regular workouts and basic diets but still was looking hard to find a HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS solution. While researching some breakthrough technologies, I came across a revolutionary technology called ION MAGNUM. ”

The doctor herself is the living proof of what she preaches.

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