September 12, 2015

We all know how an ape evolved to today’s modern man. Surprisingly we see modern man evolving to an obese man rapidly. Because of this growing trend towards obesity we feel the tools to combat obesity need to evolve as well. Do you think today’s technology is going to spare fat? Our conventional tools of […]

Get fit with non-invasive body contouring

September 12, 2015

Can you still lose weight in a burst, even if you don’t want to go under the scissors or are paranoid about getting a weight-loss surgery done? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Read on as we tell you more. A non-surgical fat removal technique or body contouring procedure is the magic wand you are […]

Challenging Obesity

September 12, 2015

Last decade has seen an appreciably fast industrial & economic growth in India. Urbanization & modern lifestyle that follows it has resulted in growing waistlines & early aging. Today obesity is one of the major challenge for India. Visceral fat that accumulates around abdominal organs interferes with sugar metabolism & increases risk of developing type-2 […]

Genetics of Obesity

September 4, 2015

Recently genetic association of diseases has started making headlines after Angelina Jolie’s bilateral mastectomy due genetic risk. Research shows that obesity can be hereditary too. If both parents are obese; children have 60% incidence of obesity. (Study published in Cambridge Journal) There are many genes linked to obesity & type-2 diabetes which act when environmental […]